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Steam on Rent

Rental Steam / Hot water / Thermic Fluid Heating Plants

We offer industrial & hospitality STEAM, HOT WATER & THERMIC FLUID solutions to meet your process demands for short & long term leasing contracts.
At Mirth we offer completely pre-engineered, pre-packaged and pre- assembled Heating Plants.

Greenjoules – A Biofuels Company

Abhilasha Biofuels From Greenjoules

  • Second generation Biofuel – a Drop In Biofuel

  • Has negligible GHG Footprint.

  • Creates no hazardous waste in its manufacturing

  • All By products used. Circular Economy Paradigm at work

Operations & Manning

Exceeding Expectations

We cover O&M services for the following utilities:

•Steam boilers- IBR & Non-IBR boiler houses

•Hot Water Generation & Thermic Fluid systems

•Water treatment plants

•Wastewater treatment plant.

•HVAC systems

•Compressed air networks


What we've done


Mirth deployed an 850 kg/hr skid mounted steam Boiler House for a duration of 6 months to provide start up steam at the Glaxo Smith Kline factory in Bangalore.


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